Heather developed a detailed plan that we at L.E.A.D. have now incorporated as part of our development strategy.

John Lindsay, COO – L.E.A.D.

Services We Offer

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Helping aspiring, new, and seasoned executives magnify their strengths and overcome barriers to growth and results.

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Combining real-world experience with the latest in education to help your organization turn big goals into reality. Specializing in change management, retention, culture, process improvement, and succession planning.

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Providing facilitation for important meetings, including strategy development, mission and vision work, and innovation sessions.

Satisfied Clients

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“A very effective communicator, verbally and in writing. Possessed knowledge and skills that set her apart. Showed incredible initiative.”

John Lindsay

COO/ Law Enforcement Against Drugs

“Incredible background and super smart. Able to translate her experiences into useable guidance for business leaders in today’s ever-changing environment.”

Jeff Burt

President and COO, Caruso USA

“An excellent, organized, innovative leader.”

Jana MacWilliams

Area Director, Audi of America

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