Heather developed a detailed plan that we at L.E.A.D. have now incorporated as part of our development strategy.

John Lindsay, COO – L.E.A.D.

Services We Offer

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Helping aspiring, new, and seasoned executives magnify their strengths and overcome barriers to growth and results.

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Combining real-world experience with the latest in education to help your organization turn big goals into reality. Specializing in change management, retention, culture, process improvement, and succession planning.

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Providing facilitation for important meetings, including strategy development, mission and vision work, and innovation sessions.

Satisfied Clients

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“A very effective communicator, verbally and in writing. Possessed knowledge and skills that set her apart. Showed incredible initiative.”

John Lindsay

COO/ Law Enforcement Against Drugs

“Incredible background and super smart. Able to translate her experiences into useable guidance for business leaders in today’s ever-changing environment.”

Jeff Burt

President and COO, Caruso USA

“Heather is an excellent coach. Heather is professional, gifted, and an active listener. She will help you and your business grow.”

Rhonda Norris-Spencer, MBA

Owner, GAINS Consulting

“An excellent, organized, innovative leader.”

Jana MacWilliams

Area Director, Audi of America