We’re so glad you’re here!

For our first blog post, I want to take the opportunity to introduce myself and share a little bit about what we do at WCG.

My name is Heather Mellick, and I’m the owner and lead consultant for WCG. My professional background is in retail, where I spent 15 years with Kroger and another three in luxury automotive. I’ve held dozens of leadership positions of increasing responsibility and have a proven track record of innovation, talent development, and exceeding expected results.

When COVID hit I took the opportunity to take a year off and go to grad school. In December of 2021, I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Management & Leadership from Pepperdine University.

My passion is helping leaders and companies fulfill their highest potential.

What We Do

Life is too short not to love what you do for a living, so I started WCG. One of the things that made me so successful in my professional life is my ability to quickly identify areas of opportunity and develop executable and sustainable solutions. This is what the consulting arm of WCG can do for you, with special expertise in organizational design, innovation, strategy, vision, and culture.

By far my favorite part of being a leader was seeing the potential in people that they didn’t even know they had. Nothing was more gratifying to me than seeing a high-potential leader grow in knowledge and confidence. That joy is why WCG also offers leadership coaching at all phases of the journey, from aspiring leaders to seasoned executives.

I look forward to helping you!